Institutional Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Every day, many of us put our loved ones in the care of another. It might be a parent in a nursing home or in the care of a home health care worker. Perhaps it's your child at school, day care, or in a recreational program. Almost always, our trust in those institutions is confirmed. But at those times when those to whom we entrust our loved ones fail us, there is almost no greater pain. If your trust has been violated, we can help. It is important that you act right away.  There is a statute of limitations that governs childhood sexual abuse claims in Illinois, and if you act too late, you may be forever barred from filing a claim. The attorneys of Frederick W. Nessler and Associates Ltd. have successfully brought to justice those who have abused the people in their care. Call us to find out how we can sensitively handle a case for you or a loved one.

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