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If you or your loved one has been injured by a distracted driver you undoubtedly have many questions. Those questions likely include: Who will pay for my medical bills? Should I hire an attorney or try to settle my case alone? Am I required to allow the insurance company to take a recorded statement? The Law Offices of Frederick W. Nessler & Associates will meet with you for a free initial consultation and answer these questions.

The amount of distractions while driving is constantly increasing. There are distractions outside of the car and distractions inside the car. A major distraction inside the car occurs when text messages are sent by drivers. A driver texting and driving or speaking on their cell phone is a distracted driver.

Remember, texting and driving accidents are not your fault.  If someone causes an accident by texting while driving, that person should admit fault or be held accountable for their reckless actions. 

The Law Offices of Frederick W. Nessler & Associates has experience in discovering what caused an accident. If the accident was caused by a distraction, like text messaging or speaking on a cell phone, the Law Offices of Frederick W. Nessler & Associates can help. We are a law firm with proven results. We have offices throughout Illinois including Springfield, Lincoln, Decatur, Champaign and Chicago.

The Law Offices of Frederick W. Nessler and Associates have experience representing those injured by distracted drivers including the following:

  • Texting while driving accidents
  • Drunk Drivers
  • Intoxicated Drivers
  • Drivers on Cell Phones
  • Persons Driving While Tired

The Law Offices of Frederick W. Nessler & Associates is an experienced law firm in Springfield, Illinois with proven results.  Out experienced team of texting and driving accident attorneys practice throughout central Illinois.  Our office locations include Springfield, IL., Lincoln, IL., Decatur, IL., Champaign, IL. and Chicago, IL.

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