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When Will Illinois' Politicians Learn: No One Can Live on Imaginary Budgets

By: Matthew Kennedy

Illinois should stop blaming political hot-button-issues for its problems and consider the harm it is inflicting upon its most valuable assets, its employees.

Many state employees have likely felt the effects of the September 2011 workers' compensation amendments.  Those amendments led to an increase in disputed claims across the board as well as decreased settlement offers.  Despite this, Illinois continues to blame valid workers' compensation claims for its ongoing problems.  Illinois, please listen: Stripping your employees of their rights is not the answer.

Now, because Illinois continues to refuse to address its real problems, state employees may have their paychecks put in jeopardy as well.  According to a decision out of Cook County today, state employees cannot be paid more than federal minimum wage until lawmakers and Governor Rauner agree on a spending plan.  We have helped numerous state employees with various issues through the years and will continue to do so, if you allow us.

Please follow this link to better understand the horrible position the State of Illinois is putting its employees in, all in the name of political positioning: